Medicare Supplement plans that offer Medigap benefits on first three pints of blood

Blood is an important resource as far as human functionality is concerned. On the other hand, it is very common to find that when a person is suffering from a chronic disease like anemia, he or she will be forced to look for a donor and if they cannot find a willing donor; then the next practical thing to do is buy blood from a blood bank. Buying blood is expensive and this is therefore one of the costs that has been catered for by the Medicare supplement plans. There are number of Medicare plans which will cater for blood related benefits but not entirely.

For instance, the Medicare supplement plan A will pay benefits associated with the need to get blood from the facility blood bank. However, there is a limit in which these benefits will be enjoyed.  For instance if you have enrolled for the Medicare supplement plan A, you are entitled to the first three pints of blood from a blood bank. After the three blood pints have been used, you will not be entitled to it because the policy states that only three pits is guaranteed.

All the other Medicare supplement plans will offer the same benefit except Plan K and L. Plan K will offer you 50% of the three pints of blood whereas plan L will offer 75% of the three pints stated in the Medicare policy. One will ask the question, why is this so? A critical thinker will say that blood is a scare and precious commodity and that it the reason why the health benefits attached to it is also limited. This is true because blood costs are too much and it can even exceed the amount of premiums contributed over a specified period of time.

From the 50% medical benefit on the three pints of blood, you are entitled to half of the three pints of blood stated in the Medicare policy. If you are suffering from long term anemia, then it is better to avoid plan K and L because of the simple fact that you will not benefit enough from the half of the three pints of blood. If that is your case, it is important to consider going for other plans will offer you maximum amount of benefits as far as Medicare supplement plans are concerned.


The issue of medical qualification and current coverage qualification in Medicare Advantage Plan

It is painful when someone tells you or bars you from enrolling with a Medicare advantage plan just because you have passed the age threshold stated in the policy. In that case, you will be shocked to find out that once you have been disqualified from enrolment just because they are more than 6 months after this particular age. What will happen therefore when you have been disqualified based on the later issue? In the event that you have been disqualified, there are two things that can save you and help you enroll back into the Medicare advantage plan.  Enroll here:

The first thing that will determine your eligibility is that you will be required to do a medical assessment before enrolling into Medicare advantage plan. The medical assessment is aimed at checking if you medically qualify to be enrolled into this plan. This is a stumbling block for many because many have been disqualified in the name of having passed the 65th age and have failed the medical qualification test. When this assessment is failed then it means that you are out and that you will need to consider taking other Medicare insurance plans.

The second thing which will also disqualify you if at that point, you have missed the current qualifying coverage. The current qualifying coverage is basically the policy that for you to qualify, you need to be within the age of 65 years old. In most cases, the Medicare advantage plan offering plans will close the door for you but can be able to give you an opportunity to do a medical assessment. This factor has however closed the door of opportunity to many interested beneficiaries basically because it means that it is the end of you.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

When the qualify coverage and medical qualification does not add up in the long run, it means that an old person who have passed the 65 year mark will go for other insurances that might either be expensive or too inefficient. When this is the case then more and older aged people will opt out of such insurance plans. Opting out of insurance plans means throwing away the opportunity to access cheap medical services. It will also mean that you may not live peacefully and depart gracefully because old age will be a nightmare. This is, therefore, one of the disadvantage of Medicare advantage plan.


Additional factors for you to know about Medicare advantage plans

There are other additional you ought to know as far as Medicare advantage plans are concerned. One is that you must have enrolled with Part A and Part B for you to be considered in a Medicare advantage plan. Part A and Part B takes into consideration all the costs accrued from visiting various facilities and specialist and it also encompasses benefits that exceeds the 365 days limit stated in the policy. You need to be aware that you may not be considered in the Medicare advantage plan if you do not hold Part A and Part B.  Get one at

Secondly, each medigap policy must be identified as “Medicare Advantage Insurance. Medigap is a very different thing as far as health insurance is concerned and with that idea in mind, you must know that the Medicare advantage plans must be clearly identified as “Medicare Advantage Insurance”. This is basically because, some specialist and facilities within the network will want to see that you are actually a beneficiary of the Medicare plans in one way or another.

Thirdly, the Medicare advantage plan you are thinking of enrolling in will only cover your health care services as a single beneficiary. Unlike other insurance policies where the father is allowed to add his spouse and children as beneficiaries, this particular plan does not cover even your spouse. This is simply because it is meant for individuals who have attained the age of 65 and in that case, hi/her spouse will be covered as an independent beneficiary. Besides the premiums contributed for this particular plan are relatively lower hence the need to restrict who benefits from the plan and who doesn’t.

If you have attained the age of 65 and you feel like taking an insurance cover that will cater both for your spouse’s needs and yours, you might need to consider taking another plan which will accept other beneficiaries. An example of such a plan is the Advantage plus insurance plan. With this insurance plan, you are allowed to bring one or more beneficiaries on board despite the fact that the premium contributions might be lower than that of the Medicare advantage plan.

Most people love being covered as a couple, and when this is denied, they tend to look for another plan that will guarantee their wished both in short and in the long run.

How to read Medigap benefits against the Medicare supplement plans

How to read Medigap benefits against the 2019 Medicare supplement plans

Most of us have had some difficulties at one point in time when it came to reading or determining the benefits of medigap emanating from each plan. In that case, it is important to have a look at one of the benefits against all the Medicare plans. Let’s have a look at Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs that goes up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted. This is one of the benefit of Medicare supplement plan that applies in all the plans. These all plant are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N.

If you have decided to go for the Medicare plan A, then it means that you will benefit from coinsurance and hospital costs that amount up to an additional 365 days after the Medicare benefits are exhausted. From this statement, with Medicare supplement plan part A, you are entitled to a coinsurance. What do we mean by coinsurance; it means that you will be entitled to being insured even if you have been by other plans or by other insurance policies. The hospital costs will also be covered. The hospital costs will be covered even after the 365 days of the year have elapsed. In normal circumstances, the insurance firms will cover for those days which were agreed upon in the policy document. But for the Medicare supplement part A, you will continue enjoying the cover even 365 days after the Medicare benefits have been exhausted.

If we advance to plan B, the same medigap benefits will apply in that you are guaranteed of Medicare part A coinsurance and hospital costs that can be serviced even after 365 days in which you are eligible to benefits have elapses. The same applies to all the other parts C to N. it is from being able to make such a comparison that you can easily tell which plan is the best for your personal health care needs. If you have been thinking of taking a Medicare supplement plan of any type, then you must be in a position to read the Medicare plan charts.

It is important also for you to note that not all parts of the medigap plans will accrue to medigap benefits. Some medigap benefits may not be accrued from selecting some of the parts. However, you are allowed to enroll in more than one plan.

Very Important hints to consider when deciding between Medicare supplement and Advantage Plan

Before deciding whether to take a Medicare supplement plan, there are a number of things you should know. It is through having such tips about this plan that will make you decide whether to go for it or not. In that case, there are a number of tips that a health care insurance specialist can give you just to make sure that you decide on the right Medicare plan. The first hint that you need to be aware of is that you qualify for the Medicare supplement plan if you are at the age of 65.  Get one at

Age is one of the most important factors that will determine if you qualify for this plan or not. The Medicare supplement plan is basically based on the age limit. The age that is stated in the policy is that you must have attained the age of 65. This is the first hint that you must have it at the tip of your fingers. In addition, you also need to know that you need to take care not to exceed the 6 month period after you have attained the age of 65. This is because if you will show interest of enrolling after the 65th age but have exceeded it by six month, you will have missed the coverage qualification period.

The second hint in that with the Medicare supplement plan, will only allow you to seek services from those specialist and hospitals which have been given the mandate to offer the Medicare supplement services. It is therefore impossible to accrue services from a health care facility that is not within the network. One of the disadvantage with this is that you will only be limited to those that are directly linked to the Medicare insurance plans or in other words, those that will accept the Medicare terms.

The other hint worth noting is that the Medicare supplement plan is not the best for people who love to travel. Most of the Medicare supplement plan will cover a specific region and may never cover you if you are travelling from one region to another or even from one continent to another.

On the other hand, the Medicare advantage plan allows you to go for services offered by any specialist and hospital since they will be paid for what they offer. Unlike the Medicare supplement plan where you may not be covered on issues related to out-of-pocket payments.

Retirement – make it happy, enjoyable and peaceful with proper retirement plan

Retirement is surely a threshold of life crossing which a person will want to live his or her life with full of peace, luxury and happiness. Now, to make such a dream successful it will be extremely crucial to make the necessary savings and at the same time perfect retirement plan. This phase of life is always enjoyable because you are going to get relief from your day to day stresses of life.


Medicare Supplement 2019

What can make your retirement happy?

You need to give importance to some of the necessary things which will be crucial after your retirement.

  • Pension plans.
  • Life insurance plans.
  • Handsome savings in Bank or in any other financial organization.
  • Keeping track of quotes for car insurance.
  • Best health insurance plans.–Looking for Medicare Supplement 2019?  Visit

So, giving importance to the said things you are going to make your retirement life safe and secure. Not only you will be free with your future but at the same time you will be able to keep your family safe if any unwanted things happen with you.

Keep a pension calculator:

Though only pension cannot be the option which will be enough to make your retired life tension free but still if you can keep a pension calculator you will have the right calculation about the amount which you can receive through the pension from your company. It is going to help you in monthly expenditure. Apart from that you can also rely on the annuities of the insurance policies or the investments that you have done before.

Make yourself busy:

Making yourself busy with different aspects of the life will be a very good option to enjoy your retirement. Now, you will get enough time to enjoy your life. You can put more focus on your hobbies. You can travel to different places. You can do some of the works which you really wanted to do but could not because of lack of time in your hand. It will help you to get out of your boredom and you will get new experiences.

Retirement is something that you will eventually experience in your life. However, if you can have the right plan for the life post the same you can make it much more interesting. Keep your mental age as less as possible. Explore new aspects of life. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so that even at an old age you will be devoid of any health hazards. Be mentally free so that you can enjoy the remaining part of your life at your own will.