It is painful when someone tells you or bars you from enrolling with a Medicare advantage plan just because you have passed the age threshold stated in the policy. In that case, you will be shocked to find out that once you have been disqualified from enrolment just because they are more than 6 months after this particular age. What will happen therefore when you have been disqualified based on the later issue? In the event that you have been disqualified, there are two things that can save you and help you enroll back into the Medicare advantage plan.  Enroll here:

The first thing that will determine your eligibility is that you will be required to do a medical assessment before enrolling into Medicare advantage plan. The medical assessment is aimed at checking if you medically qualify to be enrolled into this plan. This is a stumbling block for many because many have been disqualified in the name of having passed the 65th age and have failed the medical qualification test. When this assessment is failed then it means that you are out and that you will need to consider taking other Medicare insurance plans.

The second thing which will also disqualify you if at that point, you have missed the current qualifying coverage. The current qualifying coverage is basically the policy that for you to qualify, you need to be within the age of 65 years old. In most cases, the Medicare advantage plan offering plans will close the door for you but can be able to give you an opportunity to do a medical assessment. This factor has however closed the door of opportunity to many interested beneficiaries basically because it means that it is the end of you.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

When the qualify coverage and medical qualification does not add up in the long run, it means that an old person who have passed the 65 year mark will go for other insurances that might either be expensive or too inefficient. When this is the case then more and older aged people will opt out of such insurance plans. Opting out of insurance plans means throwing away the opportunity to access cheap medical services. It will also mean that you may not live peacefully and depart gracefully because old age will be a nightmare. This is, therefore, one of the disadvantage of Medicare advantage plan.